Simple Migration Tool.

Intend to be used for any programming languages, for any database.
Basic Version(0.3) for Postgres & MySQL is ready. Enhancments are in progress.*
Written in Go.

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  * Currently available for MySQL, Postgres. Check Here if your database is in our pipeline.


Below are the simple commands which will help you to create the migration file in JSON / XML format.

$ ./pravasan add add_column test123 id:int
$ ./pravasan add add_index test123 id order name
$ ./pravasan add create_table test123 id:int name:string order:int status:bool
$ ./pravasan add drop_column test123 id
$ ./pravasan add drop_index test123 id order name
$ ./pravasan add rename_table test123 new_test123
$ ./pravasan add sql               # to add SQL statements directly.

$ ./pravasan down [-1]
$ ./pravasan up
$ ./pravasan up 20150103174227, 20150103174333



OS X Leopard, SL, Lion, ML & Mavericks
32bit   64bit


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Star it, Fork it, etc.,